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Courses for Schools and Professionals 2020-2021

Early Years Training - supporting children with ASD and social communication needs - December 2021

Girls and Autism Training - 9th November 2021

Sensory Needs and Autism Training - 1st November 2021

Foundation In Mental Health Training - NESSie

AET training - Good Autism Practice - 17th November 2021 (via MS Teams)

AET training - Making sense of Autism - raising awareness (for DSPL3, 4 and 5) - 28th September 2021 and 15th November 2021 (via MS Teams)

Free Early Years Training - Supporting children with ASD and social communication needs - 5th October 2021 and 7th December 2021

DSPL Word Aware Training - October 2021 (EY and Primary)

HPCI - Summer Term Webinars for Parents (w. SENDIASS)

NESSie - Supporting children with anxiety - Train the Trainer

AET - Making Sense of Autism - Raising Awareness

STSEW Webinars (Mind Hertfordshire)

Bring out the best in pupils with Down syndrome (Down Syndrome Association)

NESSie 'My World & Me' - Wednesday 2nd December

An Introduction to Attachment (Webinar) 24th November 7pm-8.30pm

Let's Talk Sensory - Sensory Solutions - Monday 23rd November 6pm-8pm

Hertfordshire Just Talk Campaign - Week 16-22 November 2020

Changes to SEND Funding (via Microsoft Teams) - Friday 2nd October 2020

Making Sense of Autism - 17th November 2020 3.30pm-5pm (via Microsoft Teams)

Wellbeing for Education - to view courses click on link

SEND Briefing dates

26th November 2020, 10th March 2021, 7th July 2021